Rob Maigret

Rob Maigret is a Creative Technologist and entrepreneur specialized in the areas of product development, entertainment, marketing, and consumer products.

He believes we are witnessing an incredible convergence where physical and virtual worlds collide and emotional connections and relationships become the centerpiece of a new user experience. There has never been a more exciting time to develop great products that enhance life and inspire story-worthy experiences.

Currently, Rob is the co-founder of the LA-based media startup Popularium. He describes Popularium as a much needed, natural evolution towards a more honest and engaging storytelling and product discovery experience.

Before starting Popularium, he served as Chief Creative Officer at Sphero, a Boulder-based company lauded as the champion of Connected Play. During his time there, he was responsible for all creative, marketing, and engineering disciplines, and oversaw the successful launch of a string of new products, including the flagship Star Wars product, the Sphero BB-8. Released in September 2015, it sold over a million units, won multiple Toy Of The Year awards and brought Star Wars to a whole new generation of fans.

Previously, he served as SVP of Global Creative for Disney Interactive, the Digital Entertainment and Games division of The Walt Disney Company. While there, he served as a key member of the inaugural team at Disney Interactive Labs, where he oversaw the development of the current frameworks and front-end of Disney’s web and mobile experiences. Rob was also a mentor for the Disney Accelerator by Techstars.

His relationship with Disney first began back in 2008, when the studio acquired DigiSynd, the social media company Maigret co-founded. DigiSynd managed all of Disney’s social media platforms, and was frequently honored with many accolades, nominations and awards - including multiple Webby wins for Toy Story 3. Many of DigiSynd’s social media efforts, made on behalf of the Disney brand, have since been recognized as industry best practices and mimicked by nearly every major media entity and influence marketer. This elite group still exists within Disney.

Before co-founding DigiSynd, Maigret was the CTO of online video-sharing pioneer Revver, which, along with innovators such as YouTube, Vimeo,, kicked off an online new media revolution. As CTO, he was responsible for the design and build of the company’s revenue-sharing platform that drove user-generated video. His platform, which earned him a prized patent, is used today by nearly every major video sharing portal. Revver was acquired by LiveUniverse in 2008.

In addition to the Disney Accelerator, Rob’s passion for encouraging new talent in the startup culture has found him serving as a Mentor at the Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator as well as the Techstars / Cedars Sinai Healthcare Accelerator. He currently continues to advise a number of young startups and individuals on his own.

He and his Interior Designer wife, Julie, reside in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, California. He has a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter handle, an Instagram account, and a vanity website. He has an affinity for mid century design, and a borderline obsession for a particular innovative German automaker.